How Alive Adventures Began….

Alive Adventures began from a vision, a dream in 2006 and has transformed into reality in 2010. Beginning with residential Summer Camps from a camp in the southern shore and later after school programs and community drumming circles. In the past four years we have narrowed our focus to Camps, Workshops, Youth Programs, and Community Drum Events. Our mission is to continue to offer life changing, inspirational summer camps to youth and teens in the St. John’s and surrounding areas and eventually extending our reach to youth across the province. Within the next five to ten years Alive Adventures plans to open a Permanent Center Structure in the Avalon area delivering Camps, and Wellness programs and events that will serve youth and the community at large. Overall our mission is to “Connect Communities through Adventure & Inspiration”. Leaving you feeling Alive and Empowered.


I grew up in a household with 4 kids and a single mom. We never had much, but we always had food in our belly, a roof over our head, love, educational opportunities, and each other. During my youth, I always had this yearning inside of me for more. It was as if I knew there was something out there that I was meant to do and another world where money was not the deciding factor of my happiness. I recall dreaming about a world without money when I was just 7 years old. I longed for community and equal opportunity to exercise my potential where everyone could follow their heart and their dreams.


As I grew up I started to learn that your outer environment is a reflection of your inner environment. Realizing that I am the one who creates my life experience and it does not matter where I am today as I have the potential to be or do anything I desire. During High School I started my journey into recreation, health and fitness. I started part time jobs at the YMCA, in summer camps and even did a Miss Teen contest. My university days were spent completing my B.Sc. Kinesiology and working part time in health and fitness, and starting an inner city youth program called “Girls Alive”. During this time I also spent 4 summers working at a residential camp in Ontario. On completion of my University degree I wanted to explore more of the world, I went to Thailand to teach English for one year. That experience really empowered me. I felt fearless.


After Thailand I came home and worked in a few different areas including physiotherapy and fitness primarily. In 2006 I felt that I was just touching the surface level of my potential and asked out loud “Is this it?” “Is there something more I am meant to do in this world, is this my real purpose?

The morning after asking this question I awoke with a special gift. This gift was the strongest dream I have ever had in my life. This dream was located in a large Log center in the woods in NFLD close to the city but surrounded by nature. I saw music, yoga, adventure, and community. The most important part of the dream was that there were many faces of youth who looked excited, happy and most importantly “Alive”. In this dream I was the director and ran this center. Upon waking this dream ignited my greatest passion inside. It literally woke me up. After this dream a series of events lead me to the initiation of Alive Adventures. It was from making the decision to follow this dream and then following my inner guidance and intuition that lead me to where I am today. I am forever grateful. To be frank it was almost like I didn’t have a choice as the inner fire was so strong that it fuelled the way. I believe this dream came because our youth and community are longing for more opportunities to connect and be alive.


Just a few days after my dream had taken place I was called into the office of my full time job at the Physiotherapy clinic and was asked this question “Katie are you happy”? Followed by “Today will be your last day Katie we think you should go and follow this dream of yours”. This was a turning point, I knew I had to leave and step into my true passion, I had to learn to be a leader in all that I saw in this dream; Yoga, Music, Adventure, Community, and most importantly learning to manage groups and a business. I knew and have always known that one day we will open the official center that I saw in my dream.


First I was guided to a 1 year Yoga Course with The Lotus Centre. Following this I worked as a head-hiking guide with Scott Walking and a Sea Kayaking Instructor with Stan Cooks. In addition I did some climbing courses at Walnuts Climbing Centre. Then onto the ultimate of the training experiences was by far that I had planned since the dream I had, an outdoors education job in Australia. Before I knew it, I was off to Australia to diving into a serious experiential learning training program about to lead Youth in the great Australian Bush. Not only did I have to guide them hiking and camping but I had 25 of them on my own with a volunteer teacher and had to bring them on zip lines which I set up, rock climbing and abseiling which I lead and set up, full care and responsibility of all people for up to 14 days in the great Australian bush with snakes, spiders and other deadly creatures. While taking them on these excursions I was also responsible to ensure they gained tools for life such as: Resilience, Confidence, Camaraderie, Trust, Leadership, Empowerment. I felt Alive as all the while I was there I was stepping into so many of my own fears. I grew personally in leaps and bounds. I faced being in the Australian bush with extreme heat, reptiles, risky situations and new environments with my warrior jacket. Each journey was different but all encompassed elements of personal growth, character, and community. I was in heaven. I recall walking with the youth one day and having tears roll down my eyes, I was following my dream. I was on the way to connecting and inspiring youth in my home province.


During this year of work I even started to develop one of my other passions, singing. As I followed my dream and stepped out of my comfort zone songs came to me. These songs are still being sung at camp today; Warrior Jacket, Dreams, Kids, and many more. During this incredible, life-changing year, as I was living in true happiness and bliss daily, I started to have a vision for my future. The vision was getting stronger to bring this type of experience to Newfoundland children. While in Australia I also lived in a town in the most Easterly Point called “Byron Bay”. Here I learned even more about community and gained experience in a Community Drumming Circle. This exposure gave me a strong sense of connection with my own sense of belonging and with others that were also in the circle. I felt like I had a circle full of family members when I was a complete stranger. This experience was by far the best Connection tool I had ever experienced, this was then planted in my spirit.


After the year was completed I was ready to head back home with my experience and passion under my feet and in my heart. I knew I had to create this environment for Newfoundland youth. Where youth can learn tools of character, strength, belonging, confidence, connection, being their full potential. The education center where I worked in Australia was primarily “Physical experiences” so this prompted me to further realize the holistic nature that was essential in a Camp when I returned to NFLD. I had to include Yoga, Music, and elements of reflection and personal development beyond the physical experience.


After my year, I was back in St. John’s with new experiences, new dreams and a bank account with just a few dollars in it. I was off to races to find funding and supporters who would catch my dream and help me build Alive Adventures & Discovery. I worked part time, started writing the business plan and getting things together and ready for my first year. I decided that it made the most sense to begin as a Summer Camp so that I could feasibly get the business off the ground. Just before the summer camp I had an idea to get 24 Djembe Drums from O’Brien’s music store. The drums later became a large part of Alive Adventures business. They initially helped to literally “drum up business”. I also found a course called “Community Drumming Facilitator Course” in Calgary, which I quickly flew up and did before the first summer began. It also changed my life. I believe that when we follow our intuition and soul we are always shown the way.


During the summer of 2010 I had 5 camps with the help of many great volunteers. It was a tough first year trying to organize camps, marketing, branding, etc. with very little resources but with passion anything is possible.

But I remembered my experience from Australia and knew that this was another challenge that is set to help me grow and evolve into a stronger person. When days became tough, I would look at the testimonials from the kids in the first camp;

“Thank you Katie, this experience is one of the only ones that has helped my son Keith to grow”


Knowing that my second summer was going to be even better, I continued moving forward with Alive Adventures during the year offering; community drumming circle events, workshops, after school programs, corporate team work and women’s retreats.

I focused on my potential and not my current situation. During this time I also had to work on my inner self such as any inner limiting beliefs, my dedication, and my plan. Since this time Alive Adventures had another successful summer and is on it’s way to the fourth successful summer. We have tripled in growth in the past two full years and plant to grow further every year. We are now offering Workshops, Community Drum Events, Youth Programs, and Summer Camps. I feel so blessed to have been able to get sponsorship as well for 30 campers the past two summers and to work with Organizations such as; Choices For Youth, Iris Kirby House, Stella Burry, Marguerites Place, The Eastern School Board, Eastern Health, Thrive, Schools in the Community, City of St. John’s Community Programs and deserving souls in the Newfoundland Community.

In hindsight, I now know that that period of time was necessary for me to experience so that I could help others through it and so that I could be a great role model for the kids. Anything is possible when you focus on your pure potential and following your dreams. The human experience is about evolving to your highest self and experiencing bliss as much as possible during your living years and then passing this on to others.


From here and beyond I continue to seek the Log Centre that I dreamt about near the city surrounded by nature to serve Youth and the Newfoundland community with Connection and Inspiration. You are also a Key Player in this vision and this mission. You are also a leader and a teacher for Connection and Inspiration within our community and I personally THANK YOU for helping to spreading this much needed light.

With Love & Gratitude,

Katie Power






Katie Power (Director & Visionary)

Katie Power

B.Sc. Kinesiology, Certified Yoga Teacher, CDF, Outdoor Education.

Where do I begin?

Passion is my main concern. Bringing passion and aliveness in everything I deliver.

Being the driving force behing the unleashing of this Magnificent dream requires great energy, inspiration, and passion. Without this I have nothing. Being happy and Alive is number one.

If I can help other human beings to feel excited about who they are, what they have to offer, and how Amazing life truely is, then it is all worth it.

I am forever grateful for having been given this Dream and will do my utmost to follow it through to a sustainable and flourishing long and worth while life.

My ultimate goal is to leave each individual and team feeling awake,     inspired, connected and most importantly, Alive.

Our Junior Leaders 2013 – 2014

Hannah Sheppard 

Michalea Silver

Emily Newman 

Alex Hiscock 

Nikole Wallace 

Sidney Sheppard 

Kyle Roberts

*Thank you for giving your energy to the Alive Adventures mission & in giving yourself an opportunity to be your fullest potential!